Saint Elophe Lorraine

Saint Élophe, Lorraine saint who was martyred in the fourth century;

There is a village in Lorraine France called Saint Elophe. Saint Elophe was beheaded by Julian the apostate for preaching against Idolatry in ~362 a.d.

Saint Élophe , reportedly suffered martyrdom in the year 362 under Julien , was the subject of a popular pilgrimage. Legend has it that the saint climbed the hill decapitated, his head under his arm, and it gave a last sermon. He was particularly invoked against gout and kidney stones (kidney stones).

A cephalophore is an episode where a character, usually a saint carries his decapitated head in his hands.,1683.html&usg=ALkJrhhem9vhQFzWFlJSMaxfn7AoxnGHbw

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